Maintenance Technician Electronics

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

People & Training
Participates in advanced schools and seminars related to his/her expertise, for refreshing and actually sharing his knowledge with the maintenance team, ensures his/her post training is accurately recorded.
Keeps current with new Segment equipment and technology and updated maintenance methods.
Promotes the importance of Data and Service Quality within the maintenance community.
Assists the development and coaching of less senior Technicians.
Assists the other team members (FE/FS, Operators ) with the maintenance sections of their training program.

Process & Equipment
Preventive Maintenance (including Service Mudlogging Unit, Electrical Panel, Fire /Gas /Smoke detector) and Service AC.
Ensures all assigned equipment is continually maintained at shop with highest standards, resulting in proper functionality and minimum failures.
Performs Quality checks and modifications strictly as per procedure and according to the defined schedule.
Efficiently troubleshoots and repairs Electrical and AC issues or assigned equipment.
Participates in Root Cause Analysis of failures.
Records all maintenance and failure events immediately and accurately.
Drives their workflow and ensures data entry is accurate, timely and honestly.
Actively uses InTouch Support both for technical solutions and for knowledge sharing.
Makes recommendations to supervisors on requirements for spare parts, test equipment and tools necessary for efficient maintenance.
Support technically the location on his / her expertise.

Quality & HSE
Promotes a culture of safety awareness within the maintenance community.
Ensures his/her work areas are safe, clean and orderly at all times.
Follows the company policies and procedures on health, safety and environment.
Supports Management efforts to minimize general and Segment-specific Quality and HSE risks and promotes respect, understanding and adherence to safety regulations.
Conducts unsafe and hazardous situation audits / identification.
Uses QUEST to report RIR and for follow up on action items.
Understands and actively applies the SLB LTI/AA Prevention Plan.

Education Requirements
3 years Technical Degree
One of the following:
COMPEX training, AC certification/diploma, SHELL HUET, Rig Pass, TWIC Card.
2-3 years of experience in AC maintenance
Ability to formulate thought processes necessary for an efficient troubleshooting.
Ability to communicate with supervisors and lower seniority technician to share his knowledge.
Ability with Preventive Maintenance Preventive Maintenance (including Service Mudlogging Unit, Electrical Panel, Fire /Gas /Smoke detector) and Service AC.

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